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Since 1991, TransTelligence (aka Loxias Software Solutions) has evolved into a leading edge software development and systems integration firm. Our "zero-compromise philosophy" of product satisfaction and quality of service ensures that you can take advantage of new technologies and solutions to retain or improve your competitive advantage. Quite simply, we bring a unique level of vision and value to you.

"Cooperation is tactical, collaboration is strategic."

"Logistics must be simple—everyone thinks they're an expert."

"Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician."

""Often imitated, never duplicated."


TransTelligence is a leading consulting and software development company, offering a wide range of solutions customized to various verticals and horizontals. We provide system integration and strategic consulting for companies wanting to maximize the use of existing technology and expand their technological footprint.


Our flagship product: ViaTMS is the premier Transportation Management System for third-party logistic companies. It is designed to compliment your business and further enhance your current processes that make your operation unique.


ViaPartner represents a set of tools which integrate the Via set of products as well and other online services. It allows our customers to integrate seamlessly with their customers, creating value-added services above and beyond the traditional 3PL offering(s).


ViaCabinet is a complete document management solution integrated into ViaTMS. Store, search, and manage documents improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. ViaCabinet has the ability to scan, drag and drop, merge, split, annotate, fax, and e-mail over 50 types of documents.


ViaSign allows you to complete rate confirmations, agreements, and other documents in minutes—not hours—from anywhere and on any device. Quickly and securely allow your carriers and customers to sign documents, and have those documents saved automatically into ViaCabinet.


ViaIntegration is the technology behind the seamless integration of over 50 services and partners that allows you to easily connect your world to ViaTMS.


CarrierShare is an exclusive service provided by TransTelligence to help our customers mitigate risk by sharing carrier details such as personal ratings, on-time percentages, fall-out ratios, as well as alerts that instantly inform you of potential fraud or hijack situations as reported by ViaTMS users. CarrierShare® gives you an additional level of evaluation second-to-none when on-boarding carriers.


Carrier Setup Assistant (or ViaCSA) allows carriers to complete an online profile, view and sign your contract, as well as request payment terms electronically. No faxing or e-mailing is required to register new carriers. ViaCSA integrates seamlessly with ViaTMS, ViaSign, and ViaCabinet to automatically update your carriers profile, as well as save all of the documents completed and signed by the carrier directly into ViaCabinet; from anywhere and on any device.


" TransTelligence has been a huge part in our growing success, thanks to their ViaTMS software. ViaTMS gives my employees the ability to efficiently and effortlessly maneuver through what essentially is the core component of our company. From load tracking, accounting, carrier and customer relations, to forecasting and management of my staff, ViaTMS allows me to collect vital information about my company giving me what I need to learn from our past, capitalize on the present, and plan for our future. They understand that cutting edge technology is what will help set us apart from our competitors and they have shown over and over that they intend to be in the front of the pack, never settling for second place. I look forward to growing with LTC, as they help me build my company into a leader in the 3PL industry."

Lucas Brown, Reliable Transportation Solutions

" ViaTMS is above and beyond what any other logistics company has in this industry. It really makes a difference in what MegaCorp can offer to customers and carriers. People are blown away when I can give them the information they are requesting before they even have a chance to ask. Thanks for all the hard work."

Danny Morici, MegaCorp Logistics

" ViaTMS is a great software tool for managing all of my loads. It keeps everything organized and allows us to work as efficiently as possible. I could not imagine doing this job without ViaTMS. "

Mike Bilokonsky, Whitehorse Freight



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